Grand Canyon Journal

Originally posted on Poetry Etc:
Grand Canyon Journal Juniper seeds are blue before they dry Rub some on your hands The oily fragrance is not easily forgotten. I know what seed is, a thought, a word, an action evil or good an hour spent with someone you hardly know. “These are juniper seeds, dried and…

In a Piedmont Eatery

Note: While living a summer in South Carolina, I absorbed the local accent and diction of the people, especially the country folk, I wanted to record it, so I did in this poem by listening first then writing it into a form that suited it.   In a Piedmont Eatery… Nothin’ apple ’bout apple jam […]

Christmas Eve Afternoon

for Kelly I found you gone when I arrived The grey Buddha in your garden covered with black dirt Made me remember When he attained enlightenment Buddha touched the earth declaring, “By this sign I bear witness.” In a Buddha’s eyes All things are pure Still tradition has a power and Tibetan traditions states A […]

Rayn Roberts @ Tsuga Fine Arts Gallery April 8 2017 7 pm

  Rayn Roberts presents traditional and experimental forms of poetry on many subjects gathered on travels from across the world. He also includes humor and things you would never think to find in a book of poems.  He’s very entertaining and funny, but you must be ready to think, cringe, smirk and question as well. […]