If I Spoke

If I spoke from the heart and you could hear You would ride the sound Back to the beginning and see who you really are. If I spoke from the heart, my tears would be a river Running into the sea, an Ocean of sweetest water. If I spoke from the heart, my joyful laughter Would fill the […]

To a Friend Who When I Asked How She Was After The Pulse Massacre Replied, “Just shoot me too.”

          Will you smile real pretty when I pull the trigger? Will you let a squadron of dragonflies carry you By your nipples and hair into a green forgetful sky By your toes, your nose, the white fuzz on your ears? You will forget the red and blue years Sailing a […]

Christmas Morning

Christmas Morning   There was a sidewalk troubadour, twelve-string in hand He said, “Come hear me warm up my guitar man …” A vagabond in rainbow poncho pushed a shopping cart Decorated with snowman, reindeer, garland and a sign that read, “Happy Xmas, I’m homeless, please help.” A red, white and blue wolf visible only […]