The Ears of Seongjin Castle

In the last light of March, under cherry trees as large as the oak Near the tomb of those lost in the battle of Seongjin Castle, yet another tale of the cruelty and kindness of men… The Japanese hacked off the noses and ears of the dead took them home, proof a battle won, souvenirs […]

A Bodhisattva Speaks of Why The Buddhas Smile

I have been asleep ten thousand years Here, where I live I have been dreaming this side of a river Where smiles are lost The shore of a dream where now In stillness deep Chanting the beat of dragonfly wings Feeling the ache In a mariposa lily opening slowly Know the vibration In sunflower and […]

First Published by Earth First & Warrior Poets 1998

Warrior Poets   Secrets From the Mountains Above Nagoya Sitting in the mist between two boulders I cannot see the way in this bamboo wood, but the birds sing and there is the chirp and bellow of frogs– In layers of fern and limb a sudden stillness, the mist has cleared– a deer emerges, walks […]