Epistle to Washington D.C.

“To speak of atrocious crime in mild language is treason to virtue.” ~Edmund Burke   The stomach of America bleeds from an Alt-Right ulcer The brain needs a surgeon to remove a Republican cancer. Its ass is a target to assassins who would bust a cap in it. Get right with your God or quit […]

Postmodern America

Friends, unfriends, friends of friends, Leave the details of your YouTube lives Off your Facebook page, I don’t really get them and I like Your Twittered ghost floating in my phone. You needn’t come see me I’m right here where you are In our very, very, Instagram house With two cats in the yard Republicans […]

Everything I Own, A Dystopian Dream

My slut-desire for a bankroll of love, movie line wait for true romance Hour glass heart running out of sand, twitter intention to end hunger, My cell phone ringing mass murder, Buddha-delusion to heal the mind Prophetic wisdom on a fool’s errand, tabloid wish to be some superhero Dildo desire to fuck Mr. Trump, glittering […]