Postmodern America

Friends, unfriends, friends of friends,
Leave the details of your YouTube lives
Off your Facebook page,
I don’t really get them and I like
Your Twittered ghost floating in my phone.
You needn’t come see me
I’m right here where you are

In our very, very, Instagram house

With two cats in the yard
Republicans in the kitchen
Cooking heart and kidney pie.
The media and the internet are fake,
So don’t share the personal or true
It just gets in the way of being real.
It’s not like I’m gonna love you less
Punch you in your little cyber face
It’s just better to know you virtually,


I don’t know why they call it Facebook
When America is about the GUT,
We know wheat gives us bad bellies
Farmers need to grow more corn
Give us good bellies, we must trust the gut more,
Take probiotics in almond milk
Eat nuts for healthy hearts,
Drink green Naked Juice even if it looks like
Something baby spit up, but

You’ve got to admit it’s getting better

For sycophant reps and Snapchat kids
Locked in their smart phones
We’re all so smart you know
We’re all so sold down the dumbed-down river
Lives Flickering in Pinterest pics
Worried about North Korea,

Drawing bomb shelters on PowerPoint.

I don’t know what’s wrong,
The men in the white house say they know,
The voters think they know.
You do you know they don’t know,
Yeah, ‘cause I get the feeling
We’re in for something not so good and
It won’t be fun when it all comes down:
All the kings’ horses and all of kings’ men
Can’t put the world together again,

So get to work on time in your PJs

Just stay out of theaters, schools, churches, malls
Anywhere we work or eat,
Stay tuned for the next mass murder–
For goodness sake:
Wolves at the door, mice in the pantry
Fox in the henhouse and we’re all out of eggs.


Have a Tao Day.

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