So Many Voices

SO MANY VOICES is a New Poetic Matrix Press Anthology containing material from 60 books and 45 authors (including new pieces from many) and is a true reflection of SO MANY VOICES that the press has had the privilege of publishing. With editorial assistance from John Peterson, James Downs and Joe Milosch and a forward […]

Tod Marshall, Former Washington State Poet Laureate @ Green Lake Public Library, Seattle 10 March 2018, 4-6 pm.

PoetsWest will feature Tod Marshall, the former Washington State Poet Laureate, March 10th 2018 @ Green Lake Branch Seattle Public Library, 7364 E Greenlake Dr. N, Seattle: 4-6 pm. Open mic included. Hosted by Rayn Roberts from March 2018 onward. Tod Marshall, Washington State Poet Laureate 2016 – 2018 A native of Buffalo, NY, he […]


People, like things are worn down sometimes broken by time and trouble but still beautiful. It all depends on how we help each other put the pieces back together and no one does that alone– Broken, no. You are kintsugi. Rayn Roberts Kintsugi (金継ぎ, きんつぎ, “golden joinery”), also known as Kintsukuroi (金繕い, きんつくろい, “golden repair”), is the Japanese art of repairing broken pottery with lacquer dusted […]

Elegy for Phil

Originally posted on Poetry etc.:
Phil Hayes was murdered in a public park His killer unknown, a perfect stranger. The police called it gang related All his family understands is –He’s gone. He sacrificed his life for a friend, That was like him, always facing danger Stopping a fight, trying to make peace He didn’t…

Clear Water

In Jacksonville, North Carolina, my brother was eight years old, In a department store, on tip toes, he was trying to get a drink. “Boy! Don’t drink from that! That’s the colored folk’s fountain! Can’t you read? It’s plain to see. Use the white people’s fountain.” Bewildered, he looked around for Mom who fearlessly stepped up: […]


Left-nut-groin on fire and “the thing” is getting bigger Pissin’ me off, Pissin’ Mr. Happy off! Don’t tell him it’s no big deal; He’s so not into spermatocele, Play with it, play The Cramps, whatever Don’t this call for morphine, Doc To cut the phantom nerve pain out? Lower gut above the cock Morphine now, […]