Driving to a place I’ve never been, a library new to me
It hardly matters where
I have GPS to get me there.
Siri says, “Turn right, take exit eighty three

But when I get there, she is curiously speechless.

I stop in the men’s room because I really have to go
I pull my junk out and stand there
Waiting for the flow… It begins, then

In a pocket of my pants Siri says: “You have arrived.”

I’m laughing hard now like at a comedy show when
Another guy comes in– I try to share my high-tech joke
But from his look, I see, he doesn’t want to know.

Later, the revelation comes clear in the end
Laughter heals a wretched world like a funny rumor
Siri must be God with an odd sense of humor.

imagesThis poem really happened.  I wrote it because it was so funny. At least it was to me. What do YOU think?


Have a Tao Day.

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