The New Compound Noun

I swear I’d never heard it, so I thought I’d coined a noun:
Page Rage… but when I googled it, it came up quickly —
Then I was upset you see, just when you think
You’ve got somethin’ special, you realize
You’re just slow, or worse, too old to know better.

I see my little darlin’ now walkin’ the unconscious woods
Of the collective unknown— that’s fine, ok…

I guess havin’ it leap, so to speak, in the road
And stand like a doe in my headlights is somethin’ after all.
Cute little scared compound noun
Shaking in the cold car-light– I like it, even if it’s not my pet.
It bounds back to where it came, into the foggy wilds

Of the Urban Dictionary.



Page Rage


Have a Tao Day.

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