the SCHEME of things

During a breakneck chase, the moose calf goes down
The grizzly bear devours.
Wolves stalk for hours, a herd of bison gets away.
The pack, sustained on voles and mice
Other small prey, mostly go hungry.
A crow eats the eggs in a robin’s nest
Still robins abound, green turtles lays eggs on a beach
Then swim off in the deep.
All creatures know their place, what to do, when not to
Only we are confused, we take
But do not give back, we kill without awareness
We, the godly creatures with small concern
For ourselves and others, discard our waste as if we
Mattered more than the rest.
We do not love, we steal from the earth
For power and almighty wealth
Causing more extinction, more distress
Than any event before, yes
Perhaps man is the event to bring man to an end,
Who can say, but since it looks true, it’s not fair
To give too much mention to us here.
Why a colossal fuss when
So few care enough to save our sinking home—
Friends, have no fear, when we are gone
The flora and the fauna will go on
They will, with the elements, heal the earth
Bring it back from the brink
Knowing their place, what to do and what not
They will do what we could not.
Some say I’m a pessimist to talk like this– Yah think?

RR 2/19/2017

This is really worth watching !

The Spirit of Good


Don’t think we’re sinking? Watch this…The historic event has been recorded in the Guinness Book of Records and clearly shows how serious the situation is for Earth’s climate.

Photo of Marymere Falls, Oly Penn, WA  copyright_symbol_11 by Rayn Roberts


Have a Tao Day.

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