The waters they foul will clear, the chemicals
They dump will wash away, gravity will pull
The junk down from the sky, the acid rain
Will sweeten again– There may not be men
Or women to love her, but Mother will remain.
I saw the waves of the sea and was the seafoam
The sweep of the pine and was green, saw
Sunrise and was sunfire, I stood on the edge
And jumped, saw the end and this is not it.

Managers,  bosses,  generals under god
Will have you feel the end is near, Gaia
Is a stuck pig to roast, make us believe
The Creator will aid their destruction–
Their god of love, prince of peace, their god
Of faith, hope and buckets of blood, hateful
Wrathful father, will crush the living earth
To win a bid for dominance? Think again:
In a thousand years, Chernobyl will be paradise.




Have a Tao Day.

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