Thursday 5/19/16 Rayn Roberts on FM 90.1 KSER 6:30 pm PoetsWest #141

Thursday 5/19/16

FM 90.1 KSER 6:30 pm

PoetsWest #141

“Out There”

(29.07 minutes)

Moon over Village 1.42 RaynRoberts

Otsukimi Moon Viewing 1.20 Rosemary O’Hara

Hyukatake 1.20 Dan Williams

Venus in Transit 1.36 Dan Williams

Happy Planet 2.47 Dan Williams

Einstein Was Wrong 0.35 David Thornbrugh

Galileo Poem 0.13 Bob von Dassow

Billions & Billions 0.50 J. Glenn Evans

Rings of Saturn 2.23 Christine Swanberg

Yardwork 1.56 Dennis Caswell

The Warming 1.27 Scott Galasso

Space Trash 0.52 J. Glenn Evans



Duo En Tk 10

Hearts of Space Starflight I Tks 2, 10

©2009 PoetsWest

Jazz Cocktails and Soapbox SongsPic Oregon 20134141zNru0JL._SX258_BO1,204,203,200_

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